Microsoft helps game developers get more Xbox Series S performance

Are you frustrated that games don’t run as well on Xbox Series S as you’d expect given the hardware that supports 1440p? Microsoft may have a fix.

The Verge has learned that the company’s recently highlighted June Game Development Kit gives programmers more memory access, freeing up “hundreds of additional megabytes” of RAM for their games.

Microsoft said this could improve graphics performance in addresses where limited memory is an issue, Engadget reported.

This move won’t put the entry-level console on a par with the Xbox Series X, which uses the same CPU but has a more powerful graphics processor.

However, this may reduce the bottlenecks that sometimes force developers to run games on the S-series at lower resolutions and frame rates. While the X Series has 16GB of RAM (about 13.5GB of which is usable), its lower counterpart has just 10GB — in practice, developers only have 8GB to themselves. Creators who spoke to Digital Foundry complained about the restrictions.

Microsoft gave Xbox One programmers more power in 2014 when it allowed them to disable Kinect features in games that didn’t require a motion controller. In both cases, Microsoft is adjusting the available system resources in response to the capture.

The developers will take time to improve the games, and there is no guarantee that this will affect many titles. Don’t expect graphics improvement patches in all your favorite versions.

However, this is a welcome move that could make the Xbox Series S a more viable option if you’d rather not splurge on its more expensive counterpart.


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