Microsoft is also integrating DALL-E into the new Bing

Microsoft is also integrating DALL-E into the new Bing

Microsoft deepens cooperation with OpenAI. The company announced that it is starting to integrate into the new bing a tool called Bing Image Creator. This is a tool that is based on Dall-E’s more advanced Gaxba, OpenAI’s image generation model, and accordingly it will allow the creation of images on the screen of textual instructions directly from the browser.

Microsoft announced that users testing the technology preview version of bing will now be able to use Image Creator directly from the conversation panel based on Bing Chat. Users will be able to create an image, currently, in what the company calls ‘creation mode’ with a description of the image, context and preferred artistic style. In addition, eventually the sidebar in Edge, Microsoft’s browser, will also contain a dedicated icon for direct access to Image Creator.

Later, according to the company, the tool will offer two more work modes: ‘balanced mode’ and ‘accurate mode’, but it is not yet clear exactly what the differences between the results of these work modes will be, as well as how long content production will last in each mode.

In addition, the company announced Knowledge Cards 2.0 for all users of the company’s browser. It is about displaying richer content when searching for content in the Bing engine. The content is based on artificial intelligence tools whose purpose is to provide more facts in an orderly manner, including images, videos and also creating customized infographics.

Users who want to try Image Creator can try a special page that Microsoft opened for the purpose. Either way, the tool is currently only available in English.

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