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Microsoft announced that in the recently released game development tools in June, a setting that can release hundreds of MB of extra space in the Xbox Series S memory, so that the execution performance of the Xbox Series S game can be additionally improved.

According to Microsoft’s original design, although the Xbox Series S uses the same CPU design as the Xbox Series X, the memory capacity is 6GB worse, with only 10GB of capacity. At the same time, after deducting the necessary system capacity, there is actually only 8GB of usable space left. As a result, some games will appear unsmooth when running on the Xbox Series S, and even have to reduce the resolution and the number of frames per second in exchange for smoothness.

In a similar way, in the past, Microsoft has also provided for the Xbox One series models to turn off the Kinect dynamic camera usage resources, thereby freeing up more memory space and allowing the game to run in a smoother manner. And this application to the Xbox Series S will naturally allow more games to run smoothly on the Xbox Series S, thereby attracting more gamers to play.

As for attracting more people to use the Xbox Series S to play games, it may also smoothly drive the number of users supported by the Xbox game camp, and at the same time promote more game groups to join the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. On the other hand, allowing the Xbox Series S to execute game works smoothly will naturally attract more developers to provide games on the Xbox Series S.

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