Migrants, for 46% of Italians greater openness. Not for 42%

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Belarus-Poland migrants

Migrants, greater openness from 46% of Italians. 38% would accept a relocation of people to the Polish border also in Italy. The solution of the wall does not like

With the immigration theme Italy has been facing each other for several years. Compared to the past, however, it can now be said greater sensitivity and openness compared to the same, although doubts and resistances are not extinguished. 46% of Italians he thinks they should be helped to integrate into society and be prepared to enter the world of work.

But if on the one hand i migrants they are considered a source of workforce, and more attention is given to processes integration and of preservation of the original culture of those who come to live in Italy, on the other hand there remains the fear of the loss of the dominant role of Italian and Christian culture and, stronger, that of the link between the landing and the increase in crime. It is 44% who believe that they should be more controlled, and of this 15% declare that they have no interest in them, because “we must first think of the Italians”. The Swg observatory, founded in Trieste in 1981, designs and carries out research in various fields, from the market to institutions, reveals it.

Greater openness is found, in particular, among the younger groups (18-34 years old and 35-64 year olds), but in general the approach to the problem has changed. Data that bodes well if we consider that Italy in 2019 was among the nations where immigrants were viewed negatively. The Sole from the data analyzed by Professor of Sociology at the University of Bologna Marco Albertini reported that more negative responses than the Italian ones had come only from Hungary and Russia.

Lampedusa migrants, the Mediterranean route

As for the Mediterranean route, the most traveled in the central Mediterranean connects the western Libyan coasts (Tripoli, Gasr Garabulli and Zuara) to Lampedusa Sicily and Malta, has dropped compared to previous years the support to the hypothesis of naval blockade, to protect the coasts from the landing of migrants (November 2021). Specifically, 38% of Italians declare that they are against the block, while 12% respond that they do not have an answer.

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Migrants Belarus, the migration crisis in Poland

Al border of Belarus continues on flow migrants, with a lot of people stranded without food or tools at the borders of Poland, waiting to enter Europe. In this regard, the Swg found that 38% of Italians positively evaluate a relocation of migrants between the various EU countries, welcoming a part of them also in Italy. While only 5% say they are in favor of a wall on the border between Poland and Belarus. There is also 19% who say they don’t have a clear solution. 14% share drastic solutions such as forcibly pushing back migrants at the border and returning them to Belarus.

Migrants, useful for the labor market and must be integrated. But there is a risk of crime

The Italian economy for most of the interviewees needs the workforce of immigrants, and thinks that these make “our society richer and more varied”, as opposed to those who believe that they take away employment opportunities for young Italian citizens. The way of understanding their integration has also changed, now more sensitive to their traditions, cultures and languages, in compliance with Italian rules. However, concern about crime remains widespread, reports SWG, as with the arrival of immigrants it is believed that the risk of criminal episodes increases significantly. This could have its solution, most claim, in helping their integration.

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