Miguel Ángel Ramírez, in ten messages: from “his” virals, to combat bullying with the obsession of team spirit at Sporting

Miguel Ángel Ramírez, in ten messages: from “his” virals, to combat bullying with the obsession of team spirit at Sporting

2023-05-04 14:11:44

He has completed one hundred days on the Sporting bench since his incorporation became official last January. Miguel Ángel Ramírez has directed fifteen league games since then, with a record of five wins, five draws and five losses. We must add that of his debut in the Cup, with a defeat against Valencia. A time in which the team has evolved and has also allowed the discovery of an unknown coach in Spanish football, where he experiences his debut on a professional bench.

His appearances in the press room and the messages shared on social networks have reinforced the image of a different person from the profile to which the Gijon club was accustomed. Ramírez has been open to detailing approaches despite the fact that some term used turned against him (phrases such as “systems are living organisms” or “the roadmap changed because you do not prepare the game against one less” went viral) ; He has been vindicative when it comes to combating attitudes such as bullying and has been constant when it comes to defending the team spirit over individualities.

Because he has suffered a lot of criticism in his first weeks in Gijón, especially on social networks, Miguel Ángel Ramírez has made several references in recent months to the attitudes of those who hide in anonymity to defame or insult online. The rojiblanco coach used his personal profile on Twitter to express his solidarity with situations such as the one experienced by Nico Williams, who temporarily closed his account after insults rained down on him for his match against Osasuna, which prevented Athletic from getting into the final of the Copa del Rey. In the press room he has also made some reference, as happened recently in Cartagena. “Let’s stop cracking, we are creating disunity all day. Then we united against the Russian war. We are all hypocrites because in our day to day we are generating violence, ”he said.

Interested in aspects of leadership and personal motivation, he trained in coaching and has had Imanol Ibarrondo as one of his references since long before he arrived at Sporting. In Gijón he has coincided with him again, since the Basque “coach” visited Mareo in February as part of his collaboration with the Orlegi Group. Since Miguel Ángel Ramírez arrived at Sporting, he has shared ten messages from Ibarrondo that summarize his idea for life and football. They are the following:

January 18

“Mistake vs. Failure. To err is to be wrong and it is essential to learn. Failing is giving up and never trying again. Knowing how to lose without feeling defeated and transforming discomforts into opportunities should be some of our first life lessons”.

February 2

“If improving was free, we would all do it. We all want to improve, but few are willing to pay the price of the discomfort and pain of changing habits, attitudes and behaviors that help us improve and transform ourselves. There are not so many candidates there anymore…”

February 8th

“Nothing is personal. Don’t take anything personally. What others do or say has nothing to do with you, but with them. We do not act against anyone, but in our favor, believing that we will heal our wounds and feel better by harming others… but it never happens.

February 13th

“Difference between coach and leader. If your players feel that they learn/improve with you every day and you help them win, they will respect you. If, in addition, you are worthy of their trust, then they will love you and together you will overcome adversity until you achieve extraordinary results.

March 3rd

“Integrity is honoring your word and fulfilling your commitments. It’s doing the right thing, doing what you should… even if no one is looking at you. It is seeking excellence in your actions. Integrity builds the network of trust to create impeccable, honorable and committed teams”.

March 20

“Performance vs. result paradox. The more you focus on the result, the anxiety and fear of not reaching it decrease your performance and keep you from it. The more attention you put into the tasks that improve your performance, the closer you get to the desired result.

April 9th

“Do you want to improve?… Look ahead. Do not focus on what has been achieved, but on what remains to be achieved. Don’t compare yourself to those behind you or you will become arrogant and vain. Admire those who are being better than you and learn from them to continue growing”.

April 17th

“The best team is not necessarily the one with the best players, but the one with the players who play the best as a team. It is not individual talent, but trust and the quality of their relationships and interactions that determines the performance of teams”.

April 27

“It takes great talent to lead talent… …perhaps that is why there are so many bosses who prefer obedience and control over mediocre and submissive profiles, and so few trustworthy leaders to attract, develop and engage the talents of their followers” .

may 2

“‘You can’t just put together good players and think it’s going to work. You have to build a team and create quality relationships’. Jürgen Klopp. Your team will be only as strong as the network of powerful links that you are able to build among all its members ”.

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