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The appointment is for May 29, Memorial Day weekend, in the brand new Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, where the tennis Open is being played these days. Tyson refused an initial offer of $ 21 million, now $ 25 million. They are enough: “The match is imminent, we just have to check a few small things about the contract,” he added. The next will be the third fight between the two boxers. The first two were won by Holyfield, but to go down in history were Mike’s repeated bites: first to the right ear, then to the left ear of his opponent, bleeding and dismayed in the ring of the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

«I wanted to kill him, I was beside myself – reads «True. My story, ”Tyson’s autobiography—. At the start of the match I was calm and confident, but when I saw that Evander was starting to test me I understood that his was a precise strategy. In the second take he hit me again and injured my eyebrow, ma the referee said it was just an accident as anger mounted inside me“. It was 1997, more than 20 years have passed: we will find out if they were enough to appease Mike’s fury.

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