Milan, anti-fascist license for those who want to rent public spaces. Sala extends obligation of 2018

A Milano, those who want to rent public spaces will have to equip themselves with a license anti-fascist. With a new resolution, the Giunta Sala has extended a rule already in force since 2018 that honors the history of the Lombard capital, formerly a Gold Medal for the Resistance.

Anti-fascist license, how it works

It’s about a self-declaration from anti-fascism and in Milan it has already existed for at least three years. At the time, the Giunta Sala wanted to take a clear-cut and defined position towards a whole constellation of subjects and associations that used public areas to convey racist, discriminatory or anti-Semitic propaganda.

The municipal regulation was approved in May of the 2018 and provides for a self-declaration by those who occupy the public space in which they claim to adhere to the values ​​of the Constitution and anti-fascism.

The license was valid only for “demonstrations and events of a social, sporting, recreational, political and institutional nature” which had a limited duration over time. Now, the Municipality of Milan has decided to extend the use of the license also to the selection procedures for tenders and notices of spaces not intended for commercial use.

“It will be the responsibility of the Municipal Administration, within the limits of its competence, to invite the Metropolitan City of Milan and the Municipalities belonging to it, the Municipalities and the Lombardy Region to promote a similar administrative policy”.

Anti-fascist license in Milan, the applause of the Anpi

The provincial president of the Anpi applauds the initiative Roberto Have dinner: “We consider the decision taken by the administration to extend the request for self-certification of anti-fascism and respect for constitutional values ​​to associations that ask for a seat in a municipal building to be of great importance”.

“The request – adds Cenati – constitutes a significant extension of the 2018 Council resolution which established the obligation for associations to respect anti-fascist and constitutional values, in the case of carrying out initiatives in municipal spaces”.

“It is a very strong signal – he concludes – which reaffirms, in a very delicate phase in which neo-fascist movements re-emerge and worrying episodes of outrage to resistance values, intolerance, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, are re-emerging, the nature of Milan, a city supportive, welcoming and Gold Medal of the Resistance“.


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