Milan, mockery by the EU court. No trademark registration in Germany

Milan, the brand is already owned by a German stationery company

The Milan brand it cannot be affixed to stationery items. This was established on court of the European Union, welcoming the appeal of a German company, InterES Handels, which sells pens, pencils and notebooks with a brand of the same name “Milan“recorded in 1988. The verdict – reads the Gazzetta dello Sport – smiled at the German company.” There is a risk of confusing consumers “For the court there is the possibility, given the similarity, that consumers make” confusion “. The closeness” on a phonetic level “and the fact that they both refer to the city of Milano.

Judges, on the other hand, do not seem to be interested in the big difference between the two logos: in that German an eagle is depicted. It all starts in 2017 when the Milan, understood as the football club, requests the international registration of its trademark at the European Union Intellectual Property Office. After four years the verdict, which however is a defeat for the Rossoneri club.


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