Already present throughout Italy with its services in hundreds of pharmacies, Milano Europe srl is one of the most innovative reference points in the field of prevention. For years in Pharmacy with Vitalybra food education that allows you to investigate food overloads and the predisposition to diseases related to poor nutrition through a genetic test. But Milano Europe srl is not limited to this first success that has made it famous in the field of health and wellness: it is in a continuous phase of research and development, for the study of genetic tests that respond to the requests and needs of individuals and professionals.

In the field of wellness, today and tomorrow, many of us want to commit to achieving the best results. With the mapping of suitability for over 180 foods, in response to personal supplementary needs, the goal of optimizing the relationship with one’s body and lifestyle can be achieved in the most effective way, with high scientific value.

The new genetic tests

But Milano Europe srl does not limit itself to analyzing, through the DNA test, only the aspects of a correct diet. With the new genetic tests that Milano Europe srl is presenting to the market, the ability to optimize the relationship with one’s body in full health increases for all of us, or to face and solve numerous pathologies by obtaining data and indications from one’s DNA, with very simple tests perform and extremely safe.


Miogenicin fact, it is a unique test that analyzes 8 areas of investigation between primary intolerances and sensitivity. A complete analysis that allows immediate action with a mapping of suitability on over 180 foods, for the well-being of today and tomorrow. The absolute novelty of Miogene is the drug-food interaction, for all continuous and / or occasional treatments.

From now Milan Europe srl presents itself with unique services dedicated to specific sectors, such as the world of sport through Sportgene, to better understand one’s attitudes and establish the dietary behaviors and integration aspects most suited to one’s genetic profile. This is how you can get the best results in competitions or in daily training. Remember that maximizing training means optimizing the potential of each of us.

The dermo-aesthetic

Another extremely current field of action is dermoaesthetics, or the need to take care of one’s external appearance, which is more than understandable today. Objective of the test Dermogen di Milano Europe srl is to verify the characteristics and predispositions on the condition of the skin. Also in this case the result is to be able to obtain benefits with treatments and use of products aimed at one’s genetic profile.

The importance of proper nutrition

Giancarlo Messa

“Vitalybra® is an advanced nutritional model for food education “ reminds us of the Sole Administrator of Milano Europe srl, Giancarlo Messaa method that helps you lose weight in peace, without particular sacrifices and without frustrations, eliminating the hassles due to poor nutrition. “ and concludes: “Milano Europe has in its DNA the predisposition to act with simple and reliable methods, based on competence and constant research for quality, needs, solutions and results. It is the result of teamwork and direct discussions with Pharmacy-Partners: fundamental elements for the growth of each service or product, both for those who use them and for those who distribute them ”.

In sintesi quali sono gli aspetti più significativi di questa metodologia?
Anzitutto la definizione di un’educazione alimentare personalizzata sulla base anche del proprio profilo genetico, diverso per ciascuno di noi, e fondamentale per capire chi siamo e come possiamo migliorare il nostro rapporto con un cibo sano e naturale, proprio ciò che tutti noi desideriamo sapere.
§ Risposta in maniera fisiologica alle esigenze personali: dimagrimento e contrasto dei disturbi e sintomi connessi alla cattiva alimentazione
§ Non si toglie e non si pesa: tutto è semplice e naturale
§ No beveroni, prodotti o pasti sostitutivi

Il crowdfunding. Grande opportunità di investimento

Milano Europe logo

Milano Europe srl, startup innovativa, è apripista nel settore della genetica, grazie all’attenzione da sempre dedicata agli sviluppi scientifici. Milano Europe srl è già presente in centinaia di Farmacie all’avanguardia su tutto il territorio nazionale, ma non basta. Lo sviluppo degli ambiziosi progetti di espansione sul mercato è ormai iniziato e la crescita di fatturato è alle porte. Con l’operazione di equity crowdfunding in partenza lunedì 29 marzo 2021 sulla piattaforma Opstart, notoriamente selettiva, si apre un’ottima opportunità di investimento per privati e professionisti.

Qui il link alla pagina che meglio descrive l’iniziativa

In sintesi alcuni importanti aspetti:

  • Possibilità per gli investitori privati di testare direttamente l’efficacia di alcuni servizi tramite omaggi e sconti;

    Tel: 0362-248933 r.a.
    Mail: [email protected]

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