Milik-Juventus: low cost shot from Marseille

Arkadiusz Milik for the new one Juventus? The deal can really be closed. From Marseille openings arrive for the sale of the 27-year-old Polish striker arrived from Naples in January on loan with obligation to redeem (to be exercised by 30 June 2022).

Juventus-Milik, the costs of the coup from Marseille

The rumors of ‘radio market’ lead Belong on the Turin road black and white. The you – according to the Equipe – it could pay 12 million for the resale clause and make sure the player’s Marseille. Relations between the two clubs are excellent, just remember that Pablo Longoria, former head of the Juventus observers is today president of theOlympique (in January, for example, there was an exchange with the attacking winger Marley Ake to Juventus Under 23 e Franco tongya to Marseille). Not only. The signing of Milik is not prohibitive (1.5 million in these six months of Ligue 1) for a striker of his caliber.

Milik to Juventus? Openings on farewell from Marseille

And about the future of Belong, spoke the coach de Marseille, Jorge Sampaoli at the press conference letting it be understood that the farewell is possible: “In football it is difficult to know if this or that player will stay, he can always be seduced by another opportunity. The decision is up to him: we would like him to stay, but to guarantee it now, given how are the transfers going, it’s difficult. ” Juventus is at the window.

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