military force, is Taiwan preparing for war..? Tension on China Taiwan border..! – Taiwan is ready with its military force in the border of China and Taiwan

US Speaker of the House Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan drew international attention. In this case, China condemned Pelosi’s visit. The Chinese Army also conducted combat training on the Taiwan border.

In this case, as a response to China, Taiwan’s army engaged in war rehearsals, and tensions have increased in the South China Sea. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is on an Asian tour, went to Taiwan on the 3rd despite China’s strong warning.

While China is already claiming a part of Taiwan as its own, China could not accept Pelosi’s visit. Infuriated by this, China imposed an economic embargo on Taiwan, which allowed Pelosi. It also conducted war drills at six locations around the Taiwan border, including in the Intimidation Sea.

Because of this, there has been a serious war tension in the Taiwan Strait. China has said that this exercise will end on Sunday. In this case, Taiwan’s military has responded that they are ready to face China if it starts a war. Taiwan has strongly condemned China’s continued war drills beyond Sunday.

In this case, as a response to China, Taiwan’s army has also engaged in war exercises, and the tension is increasing there. At the same time, the Taiwan government has explained that the war rehearsal has already been planned and that it is not a retaliation. Because countries including the United States and Britain are supporting Taiwan, there is constant tension in the South China Sea.

The incident has raised fears of war between China and Taiwan.


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