Milo, Mily and Terry: three dogs with the owners with Covid. So the volunteers from Leiden take care of them

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“Walks” for the dogs of sick or quarantined people, dogs and cats (and pets of all species) taken care of because the owners could not take care of them due to Covid or did not survive: there are about 2200 cases treated by the “Leidaa service due to Covid-19 emergency »in the first ten days of full-scale resumption of activity. | Courier TV

Milo it is a beautiful golden retriever two years old, he is the big dog of a boy with Covid-19 symptoms: high fever for a week and quarantine for the whole family, following the positive swab. Even his girlfriend could not take care of it, also in home isolation. This is why the volunteers from Leidaa intervened and take him for a walk every day.

The elderly owner of Mily, resident on the outskirts of Milan, unfortunately lost the battle against the disease forever: so this three-year-old mutt, of medium size, was left alone until the Italian League for the Defense of Animals and the Environment took him in. load: now he enjoys the care of Alessandra and Elena until a new family is found for him able to welcome him forever. Every day, the volunteers and Mily go for long walks that culminate in a pampering session.

The owner of Terry, with whom he shared the 13 years of his life, is sadly dead for Covid-19. A disabled friend, a friend of the woman, tried to take care of the dog but was unable to do so and called the Leiden. Deaf and with urinary tract problems, Terry was immediately treated by the “blue angels” of the association who are administering the antibiotic and ensuring the best therapies. Now it lives with Giorgia and Mickaela in the “Casa Leidaa” of Gorla Minore. The hope is that she gets back in shape and can finally find a place to live happily ever after.

After the tens of thousands of the first phase, they are about 2200 cases handled by the service “Leiden for Covid-19 emergency” in the first ten days of full-scale resumption of activity, of which 300 resolved with the taking in charge of the animal because the owners isolation or, unfortunately, they have lost the vita due to illness.

Fifty percent of calls related to the Covid emergency come from Lombardy, where the “second wave” is hitting the hardest, thirty percent from the others Regions subsequently enter the red or orange zone, such as Friuli-Venezia Giulia, twenty percent from Lazio.

Since last spring the Hon. Michela Vittoria It shines, president of the Italian League for the Defense of Animals and the Environment, has made herself available with her association “to all those who live with an animal of affection and today they are in quarantine, in home isolation or hospitalized “, inviting them to call the central office on 02.94351244 or to consult the website

«Non abandoned animals – repeats the former minister – are not contagious, they cannot infect you. If you are in quarantine or in hospital and you can no longer take care of it, call us. ‘ In fact, the Hon. Brambilla, “those who have been affected by Covid-19, directly or indirectly because their loved ones have fallen ill, have often serious difficulties to manage pets. Just think of the situation of quarantined positives, sometimes entire cores family members, who do not know who to entrust their dog to to get him out for everyday life walks or to take it from veterinary. The problem becomes even more serious if people are hospitalized and animals are suddenly alone, dramatic when patients lose the battle with Covid ».

So the experience already lived in the spring is repeating itself, when, starting from 21 March, the operators of Leidaa they coordinated hundreds of volunteers to meet the needs of families affected by Covid: “walks»For dogs of sick or quarantined people, dogs and cats (and pets of all species) taken care of because the owners could not care for them or did not survive, transfers and adoptions, meals and health interventions donated to the animals of people in difficulty (not only for reasons related to the pandemic).
Anyone wishing to support the association’s activities can donate IT61 D030 6909 6061 0000 0068 523 Banca Intesa Spa to IBAN.


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