Milos Zeman cannot act as President of the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, they will consider transferring the powers of President Milos Zeman to other officials, since he himself is hospitalized and cannot perform his duties, said the President of the Czech Senate Milos Vystrchil at a briefing. The Senate on Tuesday, October 19, will discuss the possibility of applying Article 66 of the Czech Constitution, which will transfer presidential powers to other officials. In particular, the powers of Mr. Zeman can be divided between the Prime Minister and the Speakers of both Houses of Parliament, Radio Prague International reports.

Milos Zeman was admitted to the Central Military Hospital in Prague on October 10. He is 77 years old and has been the President of the Czech Republic since 2013. In recent years, he several times lay in a military hospital, for a long time he was treated for neuropathy of the feet and diabetes. According to the TV channel Ceska televize 24 (T24), Mr. Zeman was taken to the hospital from his country residence after a meeting with Prime Minister Andrei Babish, where they discussed the results of the parliamentary elections held in the republic. On them, the party of Mr. Babis “Action of dissatisfied citizens” was defeated, yielding percentage points to the coalition of three opposition liberal parties “Together”.



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