minimal look and ‘Bella ciao’ bottle


Blue blazer jacket and sports shirt with checks in the same color as button-down (with buttons on the two ends of the collar, in the USA style) without a tie. Enrico Letta chooses a minimal look, ‘without accessories’, casual and formal at the same time, for his speech at the Assembly of the Democratic Party which will crown him as party secretary. On the lectern the Ffp2 mask removed as soon as he began to speak. Behind the blue background with the white writing ‘National Assembly March 14, 2021’ and two flags, the European one and the tricolor.

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The only ‘concession’ on the left is the red of the cyclist’s water bottle (instead of the traditional glass or plastic glass) with the words ‘Bella ciao’ in the foreground, a popular song born after the Liberation, which has become the official anthem of the Resistance. This is the ‘Bella Ciao’ branded thermal bottle, promoted by ‘Immagina’, the new Radio of the Democratic Party.


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