Minister of Transportation Michaeli: Night and Friday trains to Haifa will return in January 2023

The Minister of Transportation Merav Michaeli announced this evening (Thursday) that in January 2023 the train activity will resume in the evening and on Fridays on the Haifa-Tel Aviv route. This is an advance of a year from the original plan, and this was carried out thanks to the advance of the timetable The electrification of the train.

The advance in the electrification schedule led to the fact that the railway is expected to complete the electrification of the tracks up to the Binyamina station in January 2023, which will allow the railway to operate electric trains between Binyamina and Rehovot and possibly even to Ashkelon. The opening of the electric line will allow the railway to work on the Haifa tracks in a targeted manner late at night and on weekends, and this In order to make it easier for the residents of Haifa and the north, whose regular train operations have not returned to full operation since the outbreak of the Corona crisis. The train has not yet published a new timetable for January 2023, but the expectation is that the train operation on the Tel Aviv-Haifa route will end around midnight.

At the beginning of the month, the railway announced the completion of half of the railway electrification project – about 500 km out of the 1,000 planned across the country.

The railway electrification project was budgeted at half a billion shekels and is considered the “flagship project” of the current railway CEO Micha Meixner. According to the official schedule, the project is expected to be completed in 2025 with the electrification of all the railways except for the Valley Railway. Following the works on the electrification of the track, the train service in the evenings to several destinations was stopped, the main one being the Tel Aviv-Haifa axis. The project was delayed during the previous Minister of Transportation Miri Regev who asked not to harm the train service in favor of the infrastructure works, but these works were resumed during the current Minister Michaeli’s term.

Michaeli said that “the electrification of the train is a first-rate national project and it is critical that we stop using old, polluting diesel trains and switch to an electric train, which is cleaner, quieter and faster. They started this project already a decade ago, and I am proud that out of a little over 500 km of electrification, half of that We did in the last year and we are speeding up and speeding up the continuation of the project with all our might. The train is returning to Haifa, and this is huge news for all residents and residents of the north.”


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