Mira Murati: ChatGPT does not know CTO of OpenAI | Entertainment

Mira Murati: ChatGPT does not know CTO of OpenAI |  Entertainment

2023-03-14 13:32:20

Since its release at the end of November ChatGPT on everyone’s lips – language software based on artificial intelligence. The AI ​​chatbot answers complex questions, creates texts in seconds, tailor-made and with impressive precision.

ChatGPT was developed by one of the leading AI companies in the USA, OpenAI. One of the bright minds behind it: Mira Murati. She is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at OpenAI.

Murati leads the teams for ChatGPT and DALL-E, an AI program that creates images based on text descriptions. She is responsible for launching the fastest growing consumer application of the last 20 years. After just two months, ChatGPT had 100 million active users. For comparison: TikTok reached this mark after about nine months, Instagram needed two and a half years.

The San Francisco-based start-up (375 employees) is said to be valued at around $30 billion. At Google, the trend triggered a “Code Red” – out of concern for business with its own search engine.

Who is the woman behind the hype?

As informative as ChatGPT is – if you ask the artificial intelligence about Mira Murati, the text robot suddenly acts pretty stupid:

When asked if she is not CTO of OpenAI, ChatGPT can dodge:

In fact, according to OpenAI, the AI ​​was trained with millions of texts from the internet, social media, online forums, newspaper articles and books. However, only with data available up to 2021. Mira Murati has been working for OpenAI for almost five years, she only became CTO in May 2022.

Little and sometimes contradictory information can be found out about the woman. Times it is reported that she is the daughter of Albanian parents in San Francisco born. Others claim she’s in Albania was born and graduated from there. Information on her year of birth is not clear, it ranges from 1986 bis 1988.

Her LinkedIn profile reveals this

There are reports on the Internet about studying computer science in Tirana (Albania) and a master’s degree in computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In your LinkedIn profile lists a 2012 bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

There you can also read that Murati began her professional career in 2011 as an intern at Goldman Sachs. This was followed in 2012 by a position at the aviation group Zodiac Aerospace. In 2013, Murati changed for three years Elon Musk’s Tesla as Senior Product Manager for the Model X.

Murati joined OpenAI in June 2018 after another two years as vice president of product and technology at the software company Leap Motion in San Francisco. Half a year before the launch of the chat AI, she became CTO there.

Tech journalist Paris Martineau (l) and Mira Murati (r) at an event for Diane von Furstenberg’s InCharge Conversations podcast project March 6 in New York City

Foto: Getty Images for DVF

How does she see the hype surrounding ChatGPT?

On the US talk show “ The Daily Show host Trevor Noah, Murati said shortly before the software was released: “As with other revolutions we’ve seen, new jobs will be created and some jobs will be lost. … But I’m optimistic.”

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But she also sees the dangers of this technology. So she said to the “ Time Magazine”: “The challenges it presents are similar to those we see with the basic large language models: it can invent facts.”

► Therefore, in the interview, Murati clearly advocates the supervision and regulation of the technology: “AI can be misused, or it can be used by bad actors. So the question arises as to how the use of this technology can be regulated worldwide. How to regulate the use of AI in a way that is in line with human values?”

And what inspires a woman like Mira Murati? Her reply to the magazine: music by Radiohead, literature by Rilke and the Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).

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