Miriam Leone-Eva Kant: “Diabolik and I are like Sandra and Raimondo”

Miriam Leone-Eva Kant: “Diabolik and I are like Sandra and Raimondo”

Miriam Leone becomes Eva Kant in Diabolik – Ginko Attack (cast with Monica Bellucci)

The Manetti bros. they try again. After the good success of the first film on the King of terror in comics, they return from November 17 in over 400 theaters with ‘Diabolik – Ginko on the attack’ with Giacomo Gianniotti, Miriam Leone, Valerio Mastandrea, Monica Bellucci and Alessio Lapice.

“A new film and not a sequel – explains Antonio Manetti during the Roman press conference – is a universal character like 007 and we approached this project with the idea of ​​telling another Diabolik story and making another film”.

Diabolik – Ginko attack, the plot of the film

A seemingly perfect plan for Diabolik and Eva Kant. But they don’t know that behind this blow hides a trap of the astute Inspector Ginko, which puts a strain on their bond. Betrayed by the King of terror, Eva decides to take revenge, proposing to the inspector to collaborate in the capture of Diabolik. A difficult decision for Ginko who also has to face the arrival of Altea, Duchess of Vallenberg.

This in a few lines is the story dedicated to the protagonist of the comic created in the mid-60s by the Giussani sisters, shot together with a third film that will be released next year for what will be the Diabolik trilogy by the Manetti Bros ..

In this second chapter the Roman brothers confirm the narrative intuition of the first film, indeed they further highlight it: rhythms, colors, acting, 70s jokes. And also advertising, the one that ‘Nanni Moretti denounced in’ Ecce bombò giving a ‘paraculo’ to Nino Manfredi and doing the same thing he did with a pack of cigarettes.

The preview of Diabolik’s film (Lapresse)

Here Eva Kant and Diabolik toast with the best known brand of red bitters. A brilliant idea: if James Bond orders “a shaken unmixed martini”, Diabolik sips a Campari with ice and a slice of lemon in the company of his beloved. Will it become a classic? We will see.

Meanwhile, the King of terror returns with a new face. No mask, however, but simply a new actor. Luca Marinelli exits and Giacomo Gianniotti enters, Roman by birth but Canadian by nationality, very famous abroad (for the role of Dr. Andrew DeLuca in the television series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’) and practically at his debut in Italy (if we exclude a small part at 10 in the film ‘La bomba’ by Giulio Base).

“I wanted to include the aspect of romance in Diabolik. He lives to make the big shots, but if you don’t have who to share them with, it’s an empty life – he explains during the meeting in Rome – ultimately this film tells a love story, that between Eva and Diabolik “.

Miriam Leone, Eva Kant and Diabolik are like Sandra and Raimondo

“Diabolik and Eva Kant who make all these shots, in Jaguard, beautiful, reckless, worldly, then inside the house are Sandra and Raimondo: they have typical quarrels of husband and wife. The great metaphor of the love of these two people that outside they must wear the mask but inside the house they can show their true face. That Eva must always save Diabolik is well known: the Giussani sisters wrote it, it is not up to me “, says Miriam Leone.

Miriam Leone Eva KantMiriam Leone (Lapresse)

Diabolik, inspector Ginko: Valerio Mastandrea super star

If the first film in the series starred Eva Kant, played by Miriam Leone and incredibly similar to the cartoon character, this time the main scene takes off the inspector Ginko played by Valerio Mastandrea. “A character who for the first time falters and shows his fragility caused by love – explains the actor – the big news is that there is a Ginko determined more than ever and always with his obsession, but this time with ‘it is she who frees him from his loneliness “.

The woman in question is the Duchess Altea: the two love each other but cannot show themselves in public because the scandal would be enormous, a noble with a simple policeman. A scandal that in the 60s and 70s would have been sensational. “The film is based on Diabolik’s issue 16 and we have not made many changes – explains Marco Manetti – even if the main difference is that there was no Altea in the comic. There was no love to tell Ginko at 360 degrees. Altea’s character is actually one of the four protagonists of the comic series, but she wasn’t in issue 16 and we put her in. “

Miriam Leone movie DiabolicMiriam Leone with Manetti Bros directors Marco Manetti and Antonio Manetti
and with the mayor Matteo Lepore and the president Stefano Bonaccini (Lapresse)

An important choice to increase the level of the story, with elements that give more information on the psychological depth of the protagonists. A theme also addressed by Antonio Manetti who explains: “In the first film Diabolik learns to love: he is an icy, inhuman being who meets Eve. The one shown now, however, is a Diabolik who has feelings and contrasts with his Eve. to the Ginko-Altea couple who love each other but cannot express it in public “.

Monica Bellucci is Altea in Diabolik – Ginko on the attack

For the role of Altea, the Manettis called Monica Bellucci from France. “For this duchess the directors have thought of creating an accent of the East – says the actress – she is a noblewoman who lives a passionate love with Ginko, which is a closed door to which she has the keys”.

Bellucci says he learned to read “about comics and it is a dream that has come true to act in this film”. Also, he adds, this is a “wonderful film that comes out of the ordinary because it has different rhythms than action films, with well-drawn characters: women who come out of the ordinary with wonderful Eva Kant and such heroic males.”

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