Mirit Greenberg marched for women

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Marching for women. Mirit Greenberg | Photo: Or Geffen, PR

Twenty women marched last night (Tuesday) on a track in the “Central” events complex in Petah Tikva, leaving with an excited call for all the women to unite, take joint responsibility and work for the construction of a reformed society. Among the marchers was also retired beauty queen, Mirit Greenberg, who just a day before shared on her Instagram a personal experience about living with a violent man.

Greenberg wrote: “Living with a violent man, verbally, physically, sexually violent, that makes you think you are a ‘mistake’ that needs to be corrected. He taught you, learned where it is easy to hurt and then in those moments your easy target. And the distance from everyone close to you, even from the parents! I was 19, a girl … I lived in fear of what was coming, a crippling fear.

Remember how I fell asleep in the car after a fight and woke up in the middle of the night terrified. what? He left me outside and went to bed ?! Remember how he dumped me in the middle of a main road and drive, remember the scary evil look that says ‘calm down before …’, and remember the contempt … I have an army tomorrow … he ran away with my uniform … I do not stop Cry, again paralyzing fear. There is no one to help. A feeling of helplessness, I am in Tel Aviv alone, does not arise in the army.

Rabbeinu, I fell asleep crying on the couch … I woke up with him above me, pulling my hair tightly. In the evening, when he aggressively took off my panties, even though I told him no, and forced himself on me, I realized I was running away from him. I came to give weight. For years just from seeing him or knowing he was around me, I would start shaking with fear. More than twenty years have passed, this is the first time I dare to tell what I went through. But maybe if I had told at the time my parents would have intervened, taken me away … Of course the self-destruction was not long in coming and the desire to forget. “

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The reactions to Greenberg’s shaky post were not long in coming and she took a break to catch her breath, did not agree to speak or be interviewed by anyone who wanted to hear more, until last night – who came and made a closure as she walked the runway for this important cause, alongside many good ones.

Mirit Greenberg Women marching in love event (Photo: Or Geffen, PR)
Greenberg and Jenny Chervani | Photo: Or Geffen, PR
Mirit Greenberg Women marching in love event (Photo: Or Geffen, PR)
On the track. Greenberg | Photo: Or Geffen, PR
Mirit Greenberg Women marching in love event (Photo: Or Geffen, PR)
Mirit and Moti Reif | Photo: Or Geffen, PR

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