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They called it institutional misogyny. And the data is chilling: 594 complaints, between 2012 and 2018 against employees of the Met, the London Metropolitan Police, of which 119 receivedthe. The catalog of the agents’ sexual behaviors reveals the Observer after the murder of Sarah Everad, after the manifestation of pain and the request for greater safety on the streets, after the police attack on the demonstrators. Among the cases revealed that of an agent who had sex with a rape victim and another who assaulted a survivor of domestic abuse. What are we doing? Are we indignant? Do we get angry? I would like not to stop at the actions of those who by profession should protect and instead attack.

Why does this happen? And why so widespread, cops and non-cops: males who allow themselves to think that women are their own thing.: the rape of the Sabine women. We have been talking for years about empowerment, inclusion, diversity, leadership… and we have lost and lost the ancestral concept according to which sex is an obsession for men. A natural need (remember also the justifications that came out when the harassment and violence carried out by some co-workers were discovered: poor people far from home?). From there you don’t get off the hook. They happen and they are not talked about. Modesty and shame.

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