Missing two-year-old girl in Michigan used her dog as a pillow

Missing two-year-old girl in Michigan used her dog as a pillow

2023-09-24 19:30:34

Thea walked nearly 5 kilometers barefoot through a wooded area.

A two-year-old girl walked nearly 5 kilometers barefoot with her family’s two dogs in a wooded part of Michigan, reports CNN. Troopers were alerted to a missing toddler in Faithorn, Michigan, Wednesday night. Thea Chase.

The family living in Faithorn searched for the little girl for about 20 minutes in vain, after which they called. Police also deployed drones and rescue dogs, and several search teams assisted in the search. They assumed that the child might be somewhere in the heavily wooded area, and they were right.

Four hours after the report, Thea was found after the family’s Rottweiler, Buddy, started barking. When the rescue team got there, the little girl was sleeping on top of the other dog, Hartley, using her pet as a pillow. When they tried to approach them, the dog started to growl, eventually relented and they were able to take the little girl home safely.

Thea was examined by the doctor and found that the little girl was fine.

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