Missouri, South Dakota… The first states ban abortion after the Supreme Court decision

Several American states have already announced that they are taking measures to ban voluntary terminations of pregnancy on their territory, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision on Friday revoking the right to abortion. The Attorney General of Missouri announced on Friday that this conservative state in the center of the United States was becoming the “first” to ban abortion.

“Today is a monumental day for the sanctity of life,” Eric Schmitt tweeted alongside an image of him ratifying the text that “truly” ends abortion in Missouri – State which only had one clinic allowing such an operation.

All abortions now illegal in South Dakota

Republican Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, announced that abortion was now illegal in this northern state of the United States, under a so-called “zombie” or “trigger” law which had been drafted in in advance, to come into force automatically in the event of a change in jurisprudence at the Supreme Court.

“South Dakota’s trigger law (…) specifies that effective immediately, all abortions are illegal in South Dakota unless reasonable and proper medical judgment states that an abortion is necessary to preserve the life of the pregnant woman,” the statement said.

Indiana too?

The Republican governor also announced in a statement the holding of a special session of the state legislature “later this year”, “to save lives and help mothers affected by the decision” of the Supreme Court. . Shortly after, the Republican governor of Indiana announced that he would convene the legislature of this other state in the north of the United States to pronounce the ban on abortion as quickly as possible.

“The Supreme Court’s decision is clear, and it is now up to the states to address this important issue. We will do it as soon as possible in Indiana, ”said Governor Eric Holcomb on Twitter, adding that he had called the state general assembly for July 6. “We have an opportunity to make progress in protecting the sanctity of life, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do,” Eric Holcomb said.


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