mixed trend in Asia; Decreases in US government bonds

mixed trend in Asia;  Decreases in US government bonds

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Trading in Tokyo closed down 0.2%, and in Taiwan trading closed up 0.3%. The Hang Seng weakened by 0.7%, the Shanghai index decreased by 0.6%, the Shenzhen index increased by 0.1% and in South Korea there were decreases of 0.4%.

In the commodities sector, gold and silver contracts weaken by 0.3% and copper contracts climb by 0.6%.

The Nikkei weakened by 0.3%, the Shanghai Stock Exchange recorded declines of 0.6%, the Shenzhen and Taiwan indices climbed by 0.2% and the Hang Seng fell by 0.4%.

Nissan weakens by 0.9%, Toyota falls by 0.5% and the Chinese technology corporation Beidou strengthens by 4.3%.

Decreases are recorded in US government bonds: the two-year bond yield weakens by one basis point to 3.79%, and the 10-year bond yield drops two basis points to 3.38%.


Trading in the Asian stock exchanges this morning is conducted in a mixed trend: index Heng Seng pours 0.2%, Nicky Decreases by 0.4%, in Shanghai the index weakens by 0.5%, in Shenzhen the index climbs by 0.2%, in Taiwan there are increases of 0.2% and in South Korea the central index loses 0.8%.

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The computer company Lenovo jumps by 10.1% on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Yesterday the company announced a new series of laptops designed for gaming.

Trading in futures contracts on US stock market indices is going up slightly: the Dow Jones and S&P 500 contracts are up by about 0.1% and the Nasdaq contracts remain unchanged. Yesterday trading on Wall Street closed with price increases, despite the volatility recorded in the last trading hour – during which some of the stock indices even moved to slight decreases. At the end of the day, the Nasdaq rose by 1%, the Dow rose by 0.2% and the S&P 500 advanced by 0.3%. Tech stocks stood out positively, including Nvidia and AMD, which jumped by about 3% each.

In the crypto sector: Bitcoin climbed in the last day by 3%, and now the value of one coin stands at $28,188. Ethereum strengthened by 4.3% in the last day, and now the value of one coin is about 1,812 dollars.


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