‘Mo Yong’ estimates that 60-70% of Thai people are already infected with COVID-19.

‘Mo Yong’ reveals research results that 60-70% of Thai people are infected with COVID, suggesting that there is a chance of re-infection. But the violence will decrease. It is recommended that if the vaccine has been received for more than 6 months, the booster needle should be torn.

07 Dec. 2022 – Prof. Yong Phuwarawan, M.D., Head of the Center for Virology Specialization Department of Pediatrics Clinic Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University A Facebook post on the topic “COVID-19, 60 to 70 percent of the Thai population has been infected,” stated that from the study of the Center of Excellence in Clinical Virology, Chulalongkorn University, 2 projects. 5-6 years old in the past year with 2 blood tests 1 year apart, about 190 people. Bangkok has been infected by about 10 percent (2021), but when it comes to this year (2022) it comes to this month. It was found that the infection has soared to between 60 and 70 percent of all children. And of these, 35% were asymptomatic infections. or do not know if there is an infection from history taking Didn’t know there was an infection But blood tests revealed evidence of infection. Shows that there are many children who have already been infected. asymptomatic type and did not know that there had been an infection

At the same time, the study with Chonburi Province Perform blood tests from 6 months to 80 years. At present, approximately 700 people have been examined and found that they have already been infected from the evidence of the blood tests. and history of infection It is about 60-70 percent. Evidence of blood tests. if infected for a long time especially infected for more than a year may result in negative results Most infections occurred this year. During the outbreak with the Omicron strain

when detecting antibodies produced by infection or from vaccines It was found that approximately 95 percent of the population had detectable immunity. more or less Especially at this time it is not possible to tell how high the level of immunity is. to prevent or reduce the severity of the disease Almost the majority of the population has been exposed to or known to the COVID-19 virus from infection. or vaccine already This is one reason why the severity of the disease is reduced.

already infected or get vaccinated Able to measure immunity can be re-infected Therefore, we are constantly seeing an increase in the number of second-time infections. on the basis of the immune system A second infection is likely to reduce the severity of the disease. However, it also depends on the condition of the body at that time.

when there is a re-infection can be again There is reason enough for people who have completed 3 or more vaccinations and have been vaccinated for a long time. or have been infected before And after a long period of time, for example, for more than 6 months, they can receive a booster vaccine to train the immune system. Recognize the prevention and reduction of the severity of the disease.

each vaccine The efficacy in reducing the severity of the disease was not different. depending on the number of times given and prevention and reduction of violence It will be good after injection in the first few months. and landscape will decrease over time

needle stimulation should be spaced from the last In principle, the farther the better. Or wait for the immunity to decrease first and then stimulate. but at the same time, if the gap is too long It will be infected before. The time it takes for a person who has received 3 or 4 doses or is infected to receive stimulation should be 6 months or more. will stimulate a high level of immunity In the risk group, it will stimulate sooner than this for 1-2 months, it can be done.


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