MOBILE PHONE ESPIONAGE | How to know if your mobile is hacked and they are spying on you: pay close attention to this simple detail on the screen

If you suspect that someone may have started to spy on your mobile phone, you will be interested to know what we are going to try to explain to readers today about what to do in these cases. Even those who are not at all familiar with technology will not find any difficulty, because it will be enough to pay attention to these 3 unequivocal signals. By following these simple tips, we can understand without being experts in the field if someone is spying on our conversations and messages.

However, before moving on to practice, we are going to dwell on a very delicate aspect, which is precisely that of privacy. In today’s media-driven society, many people underestimate the importance of personal data and don’t even imagine the risks of violating the privacy of others. As a general rule, anyone who wants to read someone else’s mobile phone messages must be authorized to do so. You need the consent of the other person.

Spying on your partner’s text messages or emails without their knowledge is not an activity allowed by law.

We are now going to turn our attention to some of the warning signals that a mobile phone would send when it is under control. First of all, if there is abnormal cellular data consumption, it is very likely that a spy app has been installed on the phone. In other words, when we use our mobile phone as often as before, but notice that the gigabytes are running low, someone is probably watching the mobile phone.

Another sign that should not be underestimated is battery deterioration. A mobile phone that dies in a short time could be spied on, unless the battery is very old. The other sign would be an overheated battery. If the mobile phone is in very good condition and has never been overheated, it may overheat when sending the stolen data from the mobile phone to another device. So be careful. If in doubt, contact your service center.


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