Moby, Vincenzo Onorato leaves the presidency of the company: “Cowardly attacks for two years”

Vincenzo Onorato resigns from the presidency of Moby. The announcement comes in a letter to the workers in which, without naming names, he explains: “The person who will replace me will be worthy of this burden and this honor together with my children, Achille e Alessandro, and a young and motivated management that despite the Covid crisis and the cowardly attacks that have been going on for over two years, whose authors are finally coming to light, is demonstrating with facts to bring the ship to a safe harbor: the Future “.

“Forty years ago – explains Onorato – I founded Moby starting from a small ship e 12 seafarers, creating, together and above all thanks to you, and thanks to 140 years of shipowning history and culture, of which I am the keeper, the world’s first ferry company with 6000 all Italian seafarers “. And he continues: “I am and will always be one of you, because before being your owner, I worked as a ship boy of my father, it was the year 1970: I was alone 13 years. Today those who call themselves ‘shipowners’ define sea workers as ‘human resources’, I call them ‘my seafarers’, because I have experienced the sacrifices that this work entails on my skin “. He then reiterated that “Onorato Armatori’s companies are solid, strong and above all today, as I write to you, extremely liquid. We have, in an advanced stage of construction, what will be the largest ferries that have ever sailed the seas, the first of which will be launched at the end of the month, where others will work 500 seafarers, they are my project and I am proud to entrust them to you. For the actions I am about to undertake in defense of our work and the Company, I believe that the best choice is to take a step back and leave the Presidency of the Company ”, he closed. “I am and will always remain next to you”.

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