Moderator Sebastian Hellmann is the German constant in the Champions League

BerlinAs a fan of the Champions League, you first have to get used to the fact that from this season on everything is a little different in the accompanying television coverage. That after the redistribution of the broadcasting rights, the games from what is undoubtedly the most attractive soccer league in the world will no longer be served by Sky, but by DAZN and Amazon Prime. There is one constant, however, namely Sebastian Hellmann, who, after twenty-two years as chief presenter at Premiere and Sky, will appear as chief presenter at the streaming service of the US group. And always on Tuesdays and therefore for the first time this evening in the duel between FC Barcelona and FC Bayern, while Wednesday belongs to DAZN.

With the commitment of the 53-year-old, who as a freelance journalist is allowed to continue working for Sky as Mister Bundesliga, the Americans have undoubtedly achieved a coup. Hellmann, born in Bielefeld, has been a fan of Arminia, who lives there, since childhood, and is a master of his trade. He is smart and competent, and – if need be – also an unrelenting questioner, as only became apparent in an interview with Hansi Flick in the spring. Flick, then still coach of FC Bayern, now national coach, was in any case quite annoyed by Hellmann, because he kept asking about his sporting future with a new approach.


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