Modern Cars For Resourceless World With Cars | Citroen’s Future Concept Car: A Vehicle Without Metals

Concept Car: Can you imagine your car roof being made of cardboard? Man will use such a car in an age of natural resource depletion… Imagine the world of the future.

Citroen car company has designed a new car using cardboard instead of steel in the car parts. This is a new concept car for a world with depleted natural resources…

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This is no ordinary cardboard, but a special cardboard reinforced with a plastic coating on each side, which does not bend. It was developed in collaboration with the German chemical company BASF. This and the vertical windscreen, which is designed to reduce the amount of glass needed to reduce weight, make the electric Citroen concept car look like a futuristic SUV. (Photo: Reuters)


Citroën and BASF, part of the world’s leading carmaker Stellandis, have succeeded in making the challenging goal of making a car without the use of steel a reality. (Photo: Reuters)


Climate Change To account for the potential effects of climate change and the scarcity of molecules, Citroen has developed a car that weighs less than 1 ton (1,000 kg). This car can travel at 110 kilometers (68 miles) per hour. (Photo: Reuters)


Recyclable car windows are manually operated. A vertical windscreen reduces the impact of solar radiation inside the vehicle, thereby reducing the need for air conditioning. This car can be recycled. (Photo: Reuters)


Work on the concept car began in 2019, with work delayed by Covid, the Russia-Ukraine crisis. Due to the shortage of raw materials caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine, the design work on the concept car has only just been completed. (Photo: Reuters)


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