Moebius at the Paff in Pordenone: on display one of the best cartoonists in the world

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After Cavazzano for the Disney comics, Milton Caniff of the historic American adventurous strips, the Marvel & DC masters for superheroes and an all-round Manara, the PAFF! pays homage to the number one in fantastic and sci-fi comics: Moebius

MŒBIUS – In search of time is the largest exhibition in Italy dedicated to Mœbius (Jean Henri Gaston Giraud, 1938 – 2012), one of the most influential cartoonists and illustrators of all time, the greatest exponent of the Ninth French art and author of visionary works known and translated throughout the world like Arzach, The Hermetic Garage or L’Incal.

The exhibition itinerary guides visitors into the imaginative universe of Mœbius, (pronounced with the German ö), exploring his relationship with time, which has always been one of the most significant and memorable themes of his art.

In fact, it is not the present, the past or the future, but it seems to exist in an infinite loop (as the œ of the name reminds us), which involves every lover of comics and art in a continuous game of bounces between dimensions already past and incipient destinies, reality and science fiction, adding estrangement and dreams to tables that are already amazing in themselves.

Over three hundred works, with 153 original drawings and 174 reproductions of various types: engravings with autographs, limited edition art prints with autographs, prints on Dbond, digital and scenographic reproductions, distributed along the halls of the gallery in the modern wing annexed to the Villa Galvani in Pordenone, PAFF! headquarters.

  Moebius on display at the Paff in Pordenone

Presumably built in 1826, it was the home of the Galvani, a wealthy family from Emilia Romagna, who played an important role in local society in the late nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century.

Since 2018 it has been home to PAFF !, a special project by Vastagamma APS, which restores its centrality and places its operational heart there with the exhibition rooms, where you will get lost in the dizzying images of the Inside Mœbius carnet and in the fantastic inventions of La Faune de Mars. It will not fail of course a section dedicated to the links between Mœbius and Italy.

A significant space will then be devoted to the more intimate dimension of Mœbius’ work, to his research on “inner desert”, With the plates taken from 40 jour dans le Désert B and personal experiments on the fantastic forms of crystals.

  Moebius on display at the Paff in Pordenone

An entire section will be dedicated to Dante, on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the death of the great poet, and to the memorable Mœbiusian interpretation of Paradise, for the Nuages ​​Gallery. The itinerary will be enriched by Metamœbius, a 52-minute documentary by Damian Pettigrew and Olivier Gal.

An innovative element in the exhibition project will be the augmented reality: along the way, some paintings will come to life; just download an APP and frame the works with a simple smartphone. Starting November 13, therefore, in search of these images along the evocative rooms of the museum.

The exhibition is organized by the PAFF! in collaboration with COMICON under the artistic direction of Mœbius Production.

  Moebius on display at the Paff in Pordenone

The exhibition Mœbius – In search of time

The exhibition is accompanied by an elegant catalog in Italian and French, of 178 color pages, which collects all the works on display, thanks to the in-depth research and study conducted by Mœbius Production and COMICON, with contributions by Isabelle Giraud (Director Editorial Mœbius Production), Claudio Curcio (General Director COMICON), Jean Michel Folon (Illustrator), Olivier Gal (Portait & Compagnie), Hervé Le Guyader (Professor of evolutionary biology).

And further insights, a letter from Federico Fellini and some passages from Dante’s Il Paradiso. All accompanied by the extraordinary and ingenious colors and shapes of Mœbius.

The exhibition is enriched with activities for schools, educational workshops, a path assisted within it by numerous and fun activities for children, families and adults

Catalog data:

MŒBIUS – In search of time

Pages: 178

Format: 24.7 x 31 cm, hardcover

Price to the public: 47.00 Euros

ISBN: 9788898049974Editore: Mœbius Production

  Moebius on display at the Paff in Pordenone

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