Moncler acquires Stone Island – Corriere TV

Company valued at € 1.15 billion – Ansa /Courier TV

Moncler’s board of directors unanimously approved the proposed acquisition of Sportswear Company, which owns the Stone Island brand. The acquisition is worth 1.15 billion euros, a figure calculated on 100% of the capital value. The consideration for the purchase of the shares will be paid in cash by Moncler, which thus acquires 70% of Sportswear Company. The agreement was signed between Moncler and Rivetex, a company attributable to Carlo Rivetti. Rivetti, owner of a 50.10% stake in Spw, will thus join the board of directors of Moncler. “Sharing the same vision leads us today to join Stone Island to design our future together”, underlined Moncler’s CEO Remo Ruffini. for the world, declared Rivetti, “I believe that in these moments we need to stimulate new energies and new inspirations to design tomorrow”.



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