Money also from the Dioceses. Thus the NGO was enriched with the smuggling of migrants

Dioceses that issue checks for 10 thousand euros, meetings with bishops for the purchase of new ships, Checco Zalone who “indirectly” finances the NGO of the sea and heavy doubts, even internal ones, on the management of money from fundraising.

The Ragusa prosecutor accuses Luca Casarini and associates (8 under investigation in all) of aiding illegal immigration
pluriaggrave. In practice, they would have collected 125 thousand euros from a Danish shipowner to fetch 27 migrants for days on one of his oil tankers to land them in Italy. In the part of the papers on the funds used by the Taliban for reception, the veil is lifted on numerous inconsistencies, to put it mildly, and on the support network. A slew of 55 foreign transfers for a total of over 145 thousand euros, which in 2019 were collected by the NGO Mediterranea saving humans. The figures vary from 93 thousand euros to a few pennies, but there are also funding from two dioceses in August 2020. In the midst of the pandemic, the diocese of Brescia pays 10 thousand euros in favor of “Mediterranea mission at sea” despite the Coast Guard reiterating that their ship, Mare Jonio, is not certified for rescue. Five days earlier, the archdiocese of Modena Nonantola also paid 10 thousand euros.

“The sources of income – reads the papers – are membership fees, permanent donations, relations with the Italian Catholic Church, 5×1000, specific projects and calls, collections of local groups, merchandising, special individual donations”. Since its inception in 2018, the Ionian Sea operation has already cost 2,400,000 euros and has 1 million in debt.

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The investigation concerns Idra social shipping, the Mare Jonio shipping company purchased in Trieste. Alessandro Metz, former regional councilor of the Greens in Friuli-Venezia Giulia is the president, but he clearly complains that “the decisions about the ship and who governs it and who makes it leave are taken by Beppe Caccia (vice president of Idra and former councilor dei Verdi in Venice ed) and Luca Casarini (formerly disobedient officially simple employee ed) and at this point Idra would be in charge and not Mediterranea ”. And just Idra collects the transfer of 125 thousand euros from the Danes. On November 26, Caccia reveals that before the agreement with Copenhagen “they were in bad shape and at the meeting (…) with the Bishops they had to be asked for an emergency intervention on the debts of 2020, while so, thanks to this commercial agreement, the theme will be all about the new “. Including “the commitment of expenditure for the acquisition of the new ship” which should replace Mare Jonio stopped in the yard in Venice. The money to fetch the migrants and bring them to Italy also comes from famous people, such as Checco Zalone, who in his latest film, Tolo Tolo, “to indirectly finance them wanted their collaboration in the film by renting the ship with all the crew (…) For the rescue scenes ”.

Commercial operations, however, must remain “confidential”. And if someone protests about the management of accounts and budgets, they remain unheard as the representative of Mediterranea in the United States, who must answer to unspecified supporters overseas.
The Ragusa prosecutor focuses attention on accounting anomalies: “Both Metz and Caccia appear to have made transfers in favor of Idra (the shipping company of Mare Jonio ed) but in reality the sums are not personal, but rather coming from fundraising activities with the consequence that the repayment of a non-interest bearing loan is nothing more than a way of embezzling sums from the company “. A kind of three card game. The prosecution points out that “Caccia, in the accounts of Idra social shipping, uses to register, fictitiously, as” loans “(which appear as disbursed now by President Metz, now by himself), monetary contributions of considerable amounts, which, in reality, have flowed into the coffers of Mediterranea / Idra by means of donations and crowdfunding “. And we are also talking about 60 thousand euros divided in two.

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According to the accusation obtained in exchange for the transshipment of the 27 migrants then brought to Pozzallo, the agreement with the Danes of 125 thousand euros for the Taliban in financial difficulties is “a gold thread”.


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