Monkeys change their “accent”, adapting to their relatives

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Monkeys adapt screams to the “speech” of their primate neighbors as the surrounding society changes, CNN reports, citing the journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology.

After experimenting with 15 tamarins, the researchers found that red-eared tamarins have “greater vocal flexibility” by using shouts more often than piebald congeners. According to them, these primates have a more drawn-out “speech”.

At the same time, when the red-eared tamarins were hooked up with the piebald ones, the first adapted to the “speech” of the second monkeys. Scientists have not yet figured out the reasons for what happened.

As lead author of the study, Tynara Sobroza of the Brazilian National Institute for Amazonian Research, admitted, this is likely to “aid in identification when defending territory or competing for resources” for primates.


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