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Michele Amoroso, director of the company that aims to manage the historic building: Respect constraints and rules. I appeal to entrepreneurs who love the historic center as much as I do

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Mine is an appeal to all visionary entrepreneurs, of good will, who care about the fate of the historic center. Take action, put your face and heart into it, as I did, invest in beauty, before degradation takes over. And let’s all walk together, Municipality, Region, Superintendency, intellectuals. Without prejudices and ideologies. Talking about the entrepreneur Michele Amoroso, director of the Monte di Piet di Napoli srl company, creator of the relaunch operation of the ancient palace of the same name in Spaccanapoli. Which aims to become a center of culture, but also a hotel, restaurant, bar, spa, with other activities that will be located in the famous courtyard with an adjoining chapel. The operation sparked both institutional and cultural controversies, starting with the new uses.

The project

The project was presented respecting every institutional norm and every artistic constraint – says Amoroso. In the meantime, I invite anyone to visit the courtyard and the entire structure and evaluate how now, in relation to the project we have presented which aims to preserve the good. At the moment the most absolute decay is in force here, evident from the chapel. The building was however used (and had therefore been adapted) for specific functions to which it had to perform. That is the banking ones. this is precisely the crux of the matter, it is necessary to restore and return to the historic center the natural function of a historical asset of the community, ready to welcome visitors and tourists. And to do this, the public is not enough, private individuals are also needed. Of course, as I have already said, I appeal to entrepreneurs who love the historic center as much as I do. Concrete entrepreneurs, capable of redoing from the facades to the interiors, respecting the rules, as we do, to protect the assets first of all. Entrepreneurs who have the right mental openness and who, in addition to the search for an economic balance between action and investment, allow themselves to be fascinated by their projects, with an intelligent look to the future. Putting your soul into it. For a rebirth of goods and places made up of work, exchanges, which you create induced, always involving the territory. With a vision-mission always aimed at putting citizens and tourists in the foreground, therefore, but also and above all workers.

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How? and how it could become
The subjects involved

And it is not just the entrepreneurs – continues Amoroso – who contribute to this rebirth, but all the players, from institutions to associations. We must all together fight the rampant and widespread abandonment of our historical and cultural assets. Public and private. We then move on to the rendering of the project, precise in every detail, including the vision of the economic and social future of the asset. Everything starts from via San Biagio dei Librai 114, from the historic courtyard, which could become a new agor open to all citizens with clubs and shops, from the pentastellato restaurant to the bar, to the craft shops. In the name of Neapolitan traditions and naturally employing Neapolitan workers. In compliance with the laws and constraints of the Superintendency. A technical table will then be set up to decide, in cooperation with the Municipality, a series of free activities to be carried out in the agor. Everything will be all marked by the exaltation of Neapolitanity. And it will be a historical reinterpretation to re-propose the building and tell it again while still thinking about a productive and social future.

The hotel

Then there will be the hotel. Yes, this is also 5 star like the restaurant. The quality of the planned offer will be high and always historicized, starting with the rooms, dedicated to the different dominations that Naples has had over the centuries. The investment? Conspicuous – concludes the entrepreneur -, it is a total of 30 million, of which 10 are borne by Invitalia and another 10 financed with a non-onerous loan again through Invitalia, without which nothing would be possible. In the perfect union of intentions between public and private that I have always hoped for. And that often does not happen. For example, I ask myself: what happened to the millions that should have been used for the historic center. Why of dozens and dozens of projects presented, then none were successful? In short, we hope that now we finally have the courage to take every opportunity to “change the wind”.

April 3, 2021 | 11:25

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