“Mor Yong” points out that “mask masks” are still important in the fight against COVID-19.

“Mor Yong” points out that “mask masks” are still important in the fight against COVID-19.

COVID-19 Research on Reinfection

Yong Phuwarawan January 16, 2023

Now, I would like to obtain data on people who have had two cases of COVID-19. This study has already passed the Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Medicine. therefore repeating the announcement once again in order to get the greatest number be analyzed

Invite people who are sick or infected with COVID 2 times, please answer the form. Inquire for research by requesting cooperation to answer truthfully

At present, COVID-19 has begun to be re-infected. or have a second infection, the center is therefore interested in studying the nature of the second re-infection of COVID-19​

In this study, an online questionnaire was given. By collecting information in your details to analyze demographic characteristics such as prior vaccination history and both infections, including the severity of each episode and the consequences of re-infection. To find factors related to re-infection or second infection of the coronavirus disease 2019

Therefore, I invite you to have a history. Ever been infected with COVID-19 have been at least 2 times, aged 18 years or over and in good physical health Participate in surveys on Google Forms. The results of the research will be published as an overview. But the personal information of respondents will not be disclosed to this survey.

The questionnaire is in the QR code or web link.

data set questionnaire ..If you are interested in participating >> click here >>

Another issue that the society keeps an eye on!!

Governor Chatchart recommends 19 – 22 Jan. to prepare N95 masks after the weather is still this week.
The weather has been stable this week. Governor ChatchaTi advises the people of the city Prepare a mask to prevent dust, pm 2.5 And ready to take care of Benjakitti Park as the lungs of the city people in the future

On January 16, 2023, Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok Visit the Bangkok Air Quality Information Center (PM2.5 particulate matter), 2nd floor, Public Works Building Bangkok City Hall, Din Daeng

Governor Chatchat Said that today he saw from the top of the building that the weather in Bangkok was foggy, so he came to visit the Bangkok Air Quality Information Center. It was found that in the aforementioned fog there will be dust accumulating. The average PM2.5 average is 30 mcg/m3, by the standard used around the world as an average of the whole day (24 hours) that does not occur. The health hazard is at 50 mcg/m3, with BMA having 70 PM2.5 monitoring stations throughout Bangkok. And currently there are no hotspots. (Biomass burning point), but I see more hotspots around Cambodia. It may be necessary to talk to the foreign ministry to coordinate cooperation. but in Bangkok We are strict, if there is a hotspot, we will send staff to look at it. which the current situation is not so bad What is worrying is that from January 16 to 17, the weather will be stable and from January 19 to 22, you should be prepared to wear an N95 mask or a COVID mask.

Governor Chatchat Said that at present there may be some confusion between the AQI and PM2.5 values, which are different, with the AQI being a color-matched climate index for easy understanding. Which is measured from 6 things to average, namely PM2.5, PM10, carbon monoxide sulfur dioxide nitrogen dioxide and the ozone layer on the ground, where AQI is based on calculations, not directly measured. Another app, AirVisual, uses sensors to send data, measuring average per hour, while the Airbkk app in Bangkok and the reporting of Pollution Control Department used as a reference value to the world standard will refer to 24 hours, the value may be different. So we should separate and understand the data between AQI and PM2.5.

Bangkok Air Quality Information Center To be a coordinating center with all sectors in solving air pollution problems in Bangkok, providing advice, suggestions, planning, or solving problems for operational agencies. including tracking Collect data on the air quality situation. and the performance of relevant departments on a daily basis with a channel to alert the forecast and the dust situation for the public to know in real time

The governor also said that in part Benjakiti Park BMA did not ignore We have outsourced a private company which has a very detailed design like a learning center unlike a golf course which is always green. The garden was built by the Royal Engineer Department of Ratchaburi with speed and good quality. The BMA has been in discussions about finding a permanent water source. Especially the upcoming dry season, there is a long-term plan. This garden is taken care of by BMA no different from other gardens. It’s a new garden. is a new concept Some things have to be learned together. Both the designer, the builder, the caretaker that we took the gardener. And there are long-term plans for many agencies such as the Drainage Department. environment bureau The Treasury Department owns the gardens and private companies. Including water quality inspection and garden management equipment Thank you all for your concern. As for other projects, we still have to continue without canceling. BMA goes all the way and tries to do its best.

How to open a way to see a fake hygienic mask?

Before buying a hygienic mask during this period have to look carefully Because fake masks have come out and sold all over the market. Some people see that it is thick and multi-layered. Definitely anti-virus But on the other hand, if the mask is thick, has many layers, but has no filter. It can’t be protected as well as it should be. In which the preliminary inspection of the mask can be done as follows

1. The packaging is not standard. can be observed from the packaging of the product There are often dents damaged. No product seal wrapping standardized packaging The type of mask must be specified. Instructions for use source of production and import Date of manufacture and the expiration date clearly and the product seal is wrapped

2. There is a chemical smell or plastic smell. Most of them are fake hygienic masks. When crushed, a cloud of mist comes out. And also smells of chemicals or smells of plastic. Normally, standardized masks must not have a chemical smell.

3. There is a flaw. The mask has flaws, smudges. This is caused by bringing used masks to be washed and repackaged for sale.

4. No filter when trying to test and cut the mask out If it is genuine, there will be a filter, but if it is a non-standard fake, there will be no filter inside. Even if it’s made out of many layers, it’s not as effective against viruses as genuine masks. which is no different from wearing a cloth mask Moreover, there is also a higher price.

5. Not waterproof, dripping water and water seeping into the mask Try dropping water on the mask. If you find that the water seeps into the mask, it means that the mask is not effective against the virus. But there are still some brands that are waterproof. But inside there is no filter for virus protection. Therefore, it must be checked inside as well.Is there a filter?

Solving doubts, which kind of hygienic mask meets the standards? anti virus

  • Masks that protect against viruses must have three layers. or a medical mask
  • The outer layer is made of Poly Propylene Spun bond with a thickness of 14-20 grams. The advantage is that air can pass through and not absorb water.
  • The middle layer is made of Melt Blown Filter, 20-25 grams thick.
  • The inner layer is made of the same material as the outer layer. The thickness ranges from 20-25 grams.

Overall, it has the ability to filter dust. protection against liquid penetration and prevent the spread of germs from coughing and sneezing

Review the correct way to put on and take off a face mask.

  • Wash your hands with alcohol hand sanitizer gel. or soap to clean before wearing a hygienic mask every time
  • Wear a mask to cover your mouth and nose. without gaps between the face and the mask
  • Do not touch the mask during use. If accidentally touched, wash your hands thoroughly. with alcohol hand sanitizer or soap
  • When taking off the mask, do not touch the mask directly. Remove from the back by holding both ear hooks. and discarded in a closed waste bin.
  • Wash your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap for 20 seconds to kill the virus.
  • Can the mask be reused? How to store the mask

standard mask Or can medical masks be worn repeatedly?
In fact, medical masks are designed for one-time use only. But if it’s really necessary may be repeated for another day The mask must be in good condition, not wet, not soiled, not damaged, and the ear strap must not be stretched. because it will make the mask not close to the face

Medical masks should not be washed.
Because the mask has synthetic fibers with a waterproof coating. If washing will cause the mask to lose its anti-viral properties and may also cause flaky mask fibers When we inhale, we may inhale the lint from the mask. In addition to negatively affecting the body Wearing a non-standard surgical mask does not protect against the virus.

Before closing, I would like to recommend and pick up good information. Let’s leave it here. In the online world, Facebook users Ataya Chinwongs have introduced how to store face masks. and reusing as follows: use an envelope or bag, the main thing is to have something to cover, do not keep the empty mask in a bag or shirt because it may contaminate other things

Thank you for coming : Ataya Chinwongs

Found a mask for sale at a price higher than the price, call the hotline 1569.


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