Mordashov announced plans to invest in convenience stores and online sales

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Alexei Mordashov’s Severgroup, which owns the Lenta chain of stores and the Utkonos online retailer, plans to develop neighborhood stores and strengthen its online position, Mr. Mordashov said.

“We intend to seriously invest in the ‘near home’ format. This is a new format for us, but we are confident that based on that experience and economy of scale (economy of scale). “B”), the scale of our company, we will be able to do it effectively, ”said Mr. Mordashov in an interview with TIme during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). He separately noted that he intends to “create another source of growth for our retail – this is online sales.”

It is planned to develop online sales by combining the advantages of Lenta and Utkonos, said Mr. Mordashov. “Platypus is strong in Moscow, but it is practically not represented in other regions,” he said.

Earlier, “Vedomosti” announced plans of “Platypus” to open a network of vending machines in Moscow for the sale of prepared food. Vending equipment will be supplied by Briskly, and food will be supplied by Slavyanskaya Trapeza, which is already working with Azbuka Vkusa in a similar project. If the pilot program is successful, it is planned to install more than 100 Utkonos vending machines in the capital.


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