“More and more municipalities without infections”

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There is a continuous decrease in new cases in all regions. The map of Italy is progressively clearing up because there are many municipalities where there have been no cases in recent weeks. And this becomes an important element also for the circulation of the virus “. This was stated by the president of the Higher Institute of Health (Iss), Silvio Brusaferro, during the press conference on the data analysis of the COVID-19 regional monitoring of the Control Room.

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“All the Regions have” Rt contagion indexes “below 1, some are close to it. But overall the risk is low in almost all the Regions. And the incidence data also tell us that almost all the Regions have reached the level of the so-called white zone, because it is the third week that they have a weekly incidence per 100 thousand inhabitants of less than 50. This allows the systematic tracking and containment “of the positives, underlined Brusaferro, adding:” The number of swabs remains quite high that are done per 100 thousand inhabitants in 7 days. And this is extremely important, especially in a phase like the one we are experiencing, in which the circulation of the “virus” is limited and decreasing, but it is important for this to intervene and screen suspicious cases to be able to intercept them as quickly as possible “.

“From the data we can see the evolution of the population that contracts the infection: week after week the median age begins to decrease and we are getting closer and closer to the low values ​​of last summer. The median age of those who contracted the infection is 37 years this week, compared to 38 years of the previous week. As well as decreases the median age of those who make the first hospitalization after contracting the infection – 55 years against the previous 56 – and the median age of those who need a hospitalization in intensive care which this week is 61 years, compared to 67 the previous week. The median age at death remains between 75 and 78 years “.

“Looking at the progress of the epidemic at the European Union level, we can see how, week after week, the colors” of the map “show that there is a decrease in new cases and this is an extremely positive fact. trend of the Italian curve, which is among the lowest today at the level of the main EU countries “, he highlighted.

“We have reports of the fact that even in Italy there are outbreaks of variants of Sars-CoV-2, such as the Delta variant, which have greater transmissibility and have the potential to at least partially evade the immune response – said Brusaferro – This situation must be observed carefully, because in some countries it has shown growth. This means that great attention is needed in the identification of cases, in their tracing and also in the sequencing of viruses, to capture any situations of these variants and contain them as quickly as possible . Completing the vaccination course is an essential tool to prevent further recurrence of pandemic episodes “, along with the other measures mentioned.

“As the” anti-Covid “vaccination coverage increases, there is a marked decrease in new cases in all the various ages, and this is also confirmed for the younger age groups”. As coverage, “on the over 80s we have now reached a very high threshold even with the second dose, we are over 90%, but also the 50-59 range has well exceeded 60% and the complete vaccination cycle is growing a little in all age groups. It is a positive fact that we must increase as quickly as possible “.

“As for the symptoms – added the expert – the relationship is very clear: as vaccination coverage increases, the number of people who contract the infection with symptoms decreases, hospitalization decreases and the possibility of having to access and benefit from intensive care and the mortality rate decreases “.

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