“More authoritative information for gendered care”

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“Rheumatological and dermatological diseases affect at all ages, this is not known to many people and above all it is not clear to those who govern us, so it is necessary to guarantee authoritative and transparent information, what we try to do with www.generedonna.it “. Like this Silvia Tonolo president of Anmar, illustrated the objectives of the website created by the synergistic action of Anmar Onlus, Apiafco and Apmarr, with the aim of increase knowledge of rheumatological and dermatological autoimmune diseases in women.

“It is necessary to encourage the empowerment of patients – explained Tonolo during the webinar“ Women at 360 °. The challenge of Gender Medicine for chronic autoimmune rheumatological and dermatological diseases “, promoted by Ucb Italia – because they must know their pathology to live better, it is also necessary to stimulate sick people to be an active part in the dissemination of information, to get to a true gender approach in care “.

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