More mortgage loans thanks to the usury reform

More mortgage loans thanks to the usury reform

In general, the blessed period (between 2017 and 2021) of access to inexpensive mortgages for all is over. 318147034/H_Ko –

This ceiling rate is raised to 4% on 1 March. Buyers between 40 and 50 years old will benefit.

Slowly, but surely, the mortgage market is regaining some color. The reform of the usury rate – that is to say the threshold (which includes all fees and guarantees) beyond which banks cannot lend – is starting to produce its effects. To breathe new life into the market, the public authorities have in fact decided to revise this threshold every month, instead of every quarter. This measure will end in July. Thanks to her, this 1is March, the wear rate drops to 4% for loans over 20 years and over (3.87% for loans between 10 and 20 years), compared to 3.79% in February. While mortgage rates continue to climb, this new increase will open the door to borrowing for more homeowners. Before the reform, the excessively slow rise in usury in a context of a sharp rise in interest rates was blocking files.

“The tensions are gradually disappearing. The challenge remains access to property, Philip confirms…

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