More parking facilities have been prepared in Makkah

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Riyadh: With the rush of people coming to Makkah during Ramadan, the traffic department has determined the places for vehicle parking. The traffic department stated that five parking spaces have been prepared outside Makkah town and six inside. Outside parking lots are near the Makkah entrances.

These are Hajj Shar’a, Hajj Alhadah, Hajj Nooriya, Hajj Sa’eedi and Hajj Alaith. Those coming from outside Makkah can park their vehicles in these places. Round-the-clock bus services are also provided from these places to Haram and back. In addition, six parking spaces have been prepared inside Makkah to make it easier to reach the Haram. These are Ameer Mutib Parking, Jamrat, Kudai, Sahir, Rusaifa and Daqam Alwabar.

The traffic department has also set up several traffic control points to divert vehicles carrying pilgrims to the designated parking spots. The traffic department has also published interactive maps on Twitter to make it easier for pilgrims and visitors to choose suitable stops and roads and use public transport to reach the Haram.

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