More than 13,000 new corona infections in Austria

Never before has there been so many new corona infections within a day as on Saturday. The Ministry of Health and the Interior reported more than 13,000 – exactly 13,152 – new infections. That is well above the average of the past few days with 10,395 cases. The seven-day incidence per 100,000 inhabitants has also exploded, and has now risen to over 800, namely to 814.6. 48 Covid-19 deaths within 24 hours are to be lamented.

The 48 deaths are the highest since January 26th. This number is well above the average of the past seven days at 29.6. 207 people died of or with Covid-19 in the last week. The pandemic has claimed 11,689 deaths in Austria since it broke out. That is 130.9 people per 100,000 inhabitants.

105,580 people in Austria are currently suffering from a corona infection. That is 6,863 more than on Friday. The largest increase in new infections was again in Upper Austria with 3,239 cases. There were 2,075 cases in Lower Austria, 1,723 in Salzburg, 1,659 in Styria, 1,370 in Vienna, 1,281 in Carinthia, 946 in Carinthia, 586 in Vorarlberg and 273 in Burgenland.

If you look at the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week, the state with the highest seven-day incidence is currently Salzburg with 1,296.7. This is followed by Upper Austria with a seven-day incidence of 1,266.6, Lower Austria with 847.8 and Carinthia with 847.7. Then come Tyrol (814.5), Vorarlberg (810.5), Styria (607.9) and Burgenland (568.9). In Vienna, where stricter measures were only decided on Friday, the incidence was 456.

There are currently 2,282 people in need of hospital treatment. That is twelve less than the day before. The number of those who ended up in intensive care because of Covid-19 has also decreased. There are currently 421 patients, 15 fewer than on Friday, but 62 more than a week ago.

The positive rate in the tests is currently 4.2 percent. The day before it was still at 3.15 percent. A total of 575,146 PCR and rapid antigen tests were registered in the past 24 hours, of which 314,620 were meaningful PCR tests. Soon 130 million tests have been performed in this pandemic. This value was just under 129.6 million on Saturday.

There have been 948,100 corona cases since the outbreak of the disease in Austria. 830,831 people have recovered from it.


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