More than 44,000 residents of Dubai have obtained UAE Golden Visas

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Dubai: ( 22.11.2021) More than 44,000 residents in the emirate of Dubai alone have been granted a Golden Visa, a long-stay visa in the UAE. This is the number since the launch of the Golden Visa system in 2019. The Golden Visa project was launched with the aim of attracting talented people from all over the world to the UAE, retaining them in the country, and establishing the UAE as the most suitable country to live and work in.

Golden visas, initially issued for five to ten years, can also be renewed upon expiration. The Golden Visa was first announced for investors, entrepreneurs, specialists, researchers in the field of science and science, and talented students. But recently the criteria have been simplified so that more people can qualify for it.

Managers, CEOs, and experts in science, engineering, health, education, business management, and technology are all eligible for the Golden Visa. In addition, visas have been issued to high quality and talented residents, inventors, eminent students and graduates.

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