More than 500 people underwent revaccination against COVID-19 in St. Petersburg

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A campaign to revaccinate the population against coronavirus continues in St. Petersburg. For all the time, 502 people were re-vaccinated in the city, ten of them completely completed the cycle. This was reported by the press service of Smolny.

Also, mass vaccination continues in the city. In total, 1,197,191 people were vaccinated in St. Petersburg, of which 831,817 have completely completed the cycle.

“The vaccination campaign in St. Petersburg is in full swing. Most of St. Petersburg residents take a responsible attitude to their health, strive to protect themselves and those around them from the severe consequences of the infection. The city is doing everything necessary to ensure that all vaccination points work in a normal mode and are fully provided with vaccines, ”said Governor Alexander Beglov.

Earlier, MK in St. Petersburg reported that another batch of Sputnik V had arrived in the city. This time 81 thousand doses were delivered to the pharmaceutical plant. The total vaccine supply in the city is 160,129 kits.


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