More than 700,000 people in France rejected pension reform

More than 700,000 people in France rejected pension reform

Approximately 740,000 people in France demonstrated on Tuesday in rejection of the pension reform, recently approved by the Emmanuel Macron government by decree.

Of the more than 700,000 people who participated, 93,000 registered in Paris.

A report from the Ministry of the Interior – cited by Sputnik – revealed that in the French capital the police arrested 27 people.

For its part, the French General Confederation of Labor estimated that there were more than two million participants in the strikes throughout the country.

Similarly, it was announced that the unions plan to organize the next protests on April 6.

More than 230 demonstrations were expected for this Tuesday throughout the territory of the European country, for which 13,000 police and gendarmes were deployed.

For Paris, there was a deployment of 5,500 security agents.

This was the tenth mobilization called by the main unions in the country, which demand the suspension of the reform to the pension system, which was approved by the French government last Monday without completing the legislative process, and which extends the retirement age to 64 years and increases the contribution period.

Last Thursday, the Government of France suffered a kind of “black Thursday”, with its ninth day of strike in recent months by the unions.

This ninth strike includes roadblocks, the closure of some schools and shops and the interruption of train services in several cities on French territory.


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