More than 84,000 people are examined to access the 7,757 permanent Post Office positions

More than 84,000 people are examined to access the 7,757 permanent Post Office positions

2023-05-07 10:54:56

More of 84,000 people have been admitted to take the tests Post offices that will take place simultaneously in 44 offices located in towns in 28 provinces and in the Autonomous Cities of Ceuta and Melilla on this Sunday, May 7.

These are the entrance tests in Correos for cover 7,757 permanent jobs in operational categories throughout Spainto perform functions of delivery of shipments, logistics tasks and customer service in offices.

This macro-call for employment, the biggest job offer post office in decadesis part of the replacement rates approved for the years 2020 and 2021 in Law 20/2021 for the reduction of temporary employment in public employment and in RDL 32/2021 of urgent measures for labor reform.

Nearly 3,000 Correos employees will work throughout the day to guarantee the proper development of the selection process which, due to its size in terms of number of participants and locations, entails a high logistical and organizational effort.

Candidates can consult individually at ‘’, in the section ‘People and Talent/Public Calls/Fixed Personal Labor Income: joint call 2022’, the platform for massive processes, the exam location, the classroom , assigned space or center, as well as relevant information for the exam day.


For casting and sorting agent positions, the call to the test will be made at 08.45 hours; at 09:30 the entrances to the faculties and exam sites will be closed and at 10:00 the test will begin.

For customer service positions in offices, the test call will be held at 1:15 p.m.; at 2:00 p.m. access to the exam sites will be closed and The test will start at 2:30 p.m. (one hour before in the Canary Islands, in all phases, for both tests).

Candidates must come to the test with a blue or black pen and a document proving their identity, with valid DNI, NIE, NIUE, passport, driving license or Correos identification card.

During the tests, any kind of technological device (mobile phones, watches, activity bracelets, helmets or similar) may not be in sight or have sound activated. The tests, with an eliminatory nature, will deal with matters related to the products, services and work processes of Correos.

The selection process will be completed with a subsequent phase of merits in which experience, driving licenses (if applicable), languages ​​and training necessary for the proper performance of the job.

Union criticism

The Independent Union Central and Officials (CSIF) and CC.OO. have issued separate statements critical of the public company, denouncing that theThe places offered will not be able to cover the loss of employment that has occurred in recent years.

CSIF has insisted that the 7,757 posts offered by Correos are “insufficient” and has raised to 10,000 the jobs that it believes the public company currently requires.

Likewise, CC.OO. added that the 110 million euros of financing approved by the Government are “insufficient” to provide a quality service.

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