More than a third of Russians want to work less

More than a third (39%) would like to reduce the number of their working hours in order to achieve a balance between personal life and work, according to a study by the service and the Viber messenger. Half of Russian citizens spend 40-50 hours a week on work.

More than 17.5 thousand respondents over 18 years old from all regions of Russia took part in the study. The results are reported by RIA Novosti.

“Half of the surveyed residents of Russia spend 40-50 hours a week on work, of which 24% work about 40 hours, and 26% – more than 40 hours a week. One in five study participants indicated that they work up to ten hours a week. 11% of respondents spend 10-30 hours on work, 9% – 50-60 hours, and 10% – more than 60 hours a week, ”the material says.

26% of Russians assess their work-life balance neutrally. 15% of respondents are very satisfied with the balance sheet, 21% – partially. 18% of respondents are partially dissatisfied with the balance between work and life, 20% are completely dissatisfied.

“39% of respondents in Russia said that in order to improve the balance they would like to reduce the number of working hours, 18% want to be in touch with their relatives more often, and 14% want to increase the number of tools and channels for communication at work,” the study notes.

8% of respondents would like to communicate less with colleagues, 7% of Russians, on the contrary, lack such communication. 5% of the survey participants want to increase the number of working hours, and the same number want to change the channels of working communication. 2% of respondents want to spend less time communicating with their relatives. 31% of Russians are satisfied with everything in the work process. Among those who are dissatisfied with him, most often the respondents would like to change their work schedule, increase their salaries or find a part-time job.

Earlier it became known that employers began to pay more attention to the so-called cyber-hawk. Jobseekers are denied employment because of half-naked photos in a bathhouse or calls to sign a political petition.

Details – in the material “Kommersant FM” “Job seekers outlined a profile.”



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