Morena already has the dates to choose ‘corcholata’

Morena already has the dates to choose ‘corcholata’

2023-06-01 13:00:00

In Morena they are already working on a calendar for the presidential succession. The party leadership is aware that this timeline is the one defined by President López Obrador and instructed the national leader of the party, Mario Delgado.

While the opposition alliance PAN-PRI-PRD continues to settle the candidate selection method and the lawsuits between applicants over the requirements have already begun, while in Movimiento Ciudadano they kicked the selection of their presidential candidate until December, in Morena they are in a hurry and have the delineated dates. I mean, the opposition acts as if it is leading the polls. And Morena does not let her guard down, as if she were down.

This is the calendar on which they are working in Morena:

1. First half of June 2023. After the election in the State of Mexico and in Coahuila, a few days later, Morena must issue the Call for all those who want the presidential candidacy of the party in power to register.

2. expect a long list. Not only the most famous bottle caps, but a wide range of applicants from all sorts of movements and internal groups.

3. A council of notables from Morena purifies that list to define that between 10 and 20 enter a first survey at the end of June or the beginning of July.

4. Of that first survey (or group of surveys conducted on the same dates), three corcholatas survive. This is how the President wants it. And it is clear what the three are.

5. Then comes a second survey (or group of surveys carried out on the same dates) at the end of July, and there it is defined who leads the candidacy.

6. In September, very much in the PRI style, the President organizes a massive event in which he presents the winning corcholata. It can be on September 1 under the pretext of the Government Report, or on September 15-16 on national holidays.

About this first draft calendar They are already working on Morena, according to very well-informed sources. It is the reflection of the initial will of President López Obrador. It can change, either because they can’t get things done on time (very 4T) or because they enter into a negotiation with the presidential candidates, and adjust. We’ll see as the days go by.


Pio Lopez Obradorfamous for being the President’s brother and having appeared in several videos clandestinely receiving cash in yellow envelopes, issued a video to support Marcelo Ebrard in his goal of getting Morena’s presidential candidacy.

It is seen that the “war room” of Claudia Sheinbaum it is working great.


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