Moroccan preacher Ahmed Raïssouni sows discord with Algeria and Mauritania

Algeria and Mauritania were offended by the remarks of the Moroccan preacher and president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars Ahmed Raïssouni, made during an interview granted at the end of July to the Moroccan media White TV.

In this interview of more than an hour, Raïssouni evokes the question of Western Sahara – a territory disputed between Morocco and the Sahrawi separatists supported by Algeria. While naturally defending the Moroccan position, the man of religion goes even further, by proposing to the Moroccan people to “walk on Tindouf”, ville located in Algerian territory and which hosts a Sahrawi refugee camp, but also in Laayoune, a city located in Western Sahara.

In the process, he attacked Mauritania, believing that the existence of this other neighboring country was a “mistake”. “Morocco must return to the form it had before the European invasion, when Mauritania was part of it”did he declare.

“A fatwa against Algeria”

Although Mauritania has not officially reacted to these remarks, civil society and certain political parties


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