Morra’s blitz in a vaccination center that has turned into a boomerang

by time news – He promises that in a video he will explain “in detail how it really went to the vaccination center in Cosenza” and recommends ” do not feed on the reconstructions of the usual detractors“. In the meantime, however, against Nicola Morra, president of the parliamentary anti-mafia commission, criticism rains down from the center-right, from the Democratic Party and from Italy alive.

Giorgia Meloni, in a long post on Facebook, takes up articles in the newspapers and states that the exponent of the 5-star Movement “would have presented himself with the escort in the offices of the territorial operations center of the Cosenza healthcare company complaining that some of his relatives would not be For the press – continues the leader of the Brothers of Italy – to this would have been added Morra’s offenses against the health personnel and requests for identification by the escort against the doctors present. We will go to the bottom of this story – assures Meloni – and if all this corresponds to the real Morra it would do well to resign immediately: such behavior is unacceptable and unworthy for any representative of the institutions, let alone for the President of the Anti-Mafia commission “.

Matteo Salvini also intervened on the case (“Morra resigns, from everything. Solidarity with the doctors affected”, writes the Lega secretary on Twitter) and the leader of Forza Italia in the Chamber, Roberto Occhiuto, who states: “Parliamentarians should of everyone’s problems? Or does Morra believe that it is only his family who elected him? he should publicly apologize and, finally, to leave a role for which he has shown on several occasions that he is not adequate “.

Also the vice president of the Chamber Ettore Rosato he uses words of fire to comment on the story. “From Parliament that was supposed to be opened like a can of tuna to ‘You don’t know who I am!’. The last turn is by Nicola Morra, an anti-caste senator, elected with the 5 Stars “, writes the president of Italia Viva on Facebook.” Today the same Nicola Morra who was elected to cancel the privileges, breaks in with the escort in a public office screaming because some of his family members did not get what he was asking for. We’ll see what justification he comes up with this time – he continues – but who knows what the Morra court of clicks would have ruled a few years ago when reading such a story … ”

For the Democratic Party, if the episode told by Corriere della Sera were confirmed, “it would be very serious. Using one’s role, and even the escort, to solicit interventions that have nothing to do with one’s mandate – he underlines Franco Mirabelli, vice president of the dem senators – is an unacceptable abuse especially for those who, like those who chair the Anti-Mafia commission, should make correct behavior and respect for the rules their compass “.


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