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Several measures affecting the resources and expenses of households come into force this Saturday 1is october. Here are the main ones.

Real estate credit: the wear rate rises sharply

One cannot borrow at a rate higher than that of “usury”, the banks are not authorized to lend more expensively. From 1is October and until the end of the year, this rate will be 3.05% for home loans taken out over twenty years or more, and 3.03% for those of a shorter duration, compared to 2.57% and 2.60% the previous quarter.

This significant increase is linked to the rapid increase in mortgage rates – the wear rate being calculated each quarter by the Banque de France based on the average of the rates granted the previous quarter, adding a third. While this rate of wear had been accused, for several months, of blocking the loan files of many households, its increase should, according to the Banque de France, make it possible to “adjust certain more difficult situations of access to credit, noted in recent weeks”.

Some brokers are puzzled, however. “If the credit rates applied by banks remained unchanged, this readjustment would be likely to unblock the vast majority of loan refusal situations observed in recent weeks. Unfortunately, market rates have resumed an upward trajectory (…) which could once again cause refusals for exceeding the wear rate on the horizon of a few weeks”for example reacted Olivier Lendrevie, president of the broker CAFPI, in a press release.

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Meal vouchers: up to 25 euros per day

If it had been temporarily doubled due to the health crisis, until June 30, 2022, the “normal” ceiling for the use of meal vouchers is 19 euros per day. However, this must be increased again on 1is October, at 25 euros.

On its website, the government announced on September 29 that the measure, which must “supporting the catering sector and allowing restaurant voucher holders to take full advantage of it”, would apply until 13 December. And that these meal vouchers would become usable again on weekends and public holidays. A decree is awaited.

Insurance: new advances for sick or ex-sick borrowers

Securing credit – therefore borrowing – has long been an obstacle course for people who have had cancer or who suffer from a chronic illness. The relaxation of the right to be forgotten for cancers over five years old and hepatitis C, on March 2, 2022, then the abolition of the health questionnaire for home loans up to 200,000 euros, since March 1is June, have changed the game.

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