Moscow authorities have ruled out large-scale introduction of face recognition in schools

The face recognition system is not planned to be introduced in all schools in Moscow, the experiment can be carried out with parental consent in several schools in the city, said Moscow Deputy Mayor Anastasia Rakova in an interview with TASS.

“We are not planning to introduce any large-scale face recognition system when entering school. In some school buildings, there may be experiments, when, along with the passage of cards or bracelets, which are used in all buildings, additional systems of passage through face recognition can be introduced, “Rakova noted. She stressed that such experiments can only be carried out at the request of parents and students.

Earlier, Kommersant reported with reference to the recall of the head of the Moscow Department of Information Technology (DIT) Eduard Lysenko to the government decree that the department plans, together with the city’s education and science department, to introduce a face recognition system in schools by 2022. This is done to increase the “personal safety of students and teaching staff on the territory of the educational organization of the city of Moscow.”

The department told the publication that the city government is studying the possibility of introducing the technology in schools, but now it is premature to say that it will be introduced. The DIT stressed that the system will be applied by decision of the director, teachers and parents.



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