Moscow authorities plan to introduce a face recognition system in schools

The Department of Information Technologies (DIT) of Moscow plans, together with the Department of Education and Science of the city, to introduce a face recognition system in schools by 2022, Kommersant reported, citing the opinion of the head of DIT Eduard Lysenko on the draft government decree developed by the Ministry of Digital Science and published on the regulation portal

The authorities plan to introduce a face recognition system in schools in order to increase “the personal safety of students and teaching staff on the territory of an educational organization in the city of Moscow.” The interlocutor of the publication, familiar with the situation, said that such an idea was voiced in the spring at one of the Security Council meetings after the execution of schoolchildren and teachers in the Kazan gymnasium.

DIT reported that the Moscow government is studying the possibility of introducing a face recognition system in schools, but it is too early to say that it will be introduced. The department stressed that the system will in any case be applied by the decision of the director, teachers and parents.

Earlier, Vedomosti reported that cameras with face recognition would be installed in all Russian schools to ensure the safety of children, track when a child came to and from school and identify strangers. The public procurement website contains information about the purchase of such systems. The customers are regional education departments, the contractor is the National Center for Informatization, which is part of the Rostec State Corporation. The parties confirmed to the publication the fact of cooperation. The total amount of contracts is over 2 billion rubles.



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